And A Nightingale Sang...

And A Nightingale Sang
Whenever there’s a crunch it’s up to Helen Stott to keep her dysfunctional family in order even with the constant threat of war on the doorstep!
Amidst the uncertainty of life, love and war the Stott family rely on each other through all life’s trials whether the panic of an air raid, the joy of a new love or a funeral for the family pet.
Charting a Teesside family’s day to day drama from the start of the Second World War all the way through to D-day this bittersweet comedy shows you what really kept the home fires burning!
And A Nightingale Sang
Written by: C P Taylor
Directed by: Tom Guest
Produced by: less is MORE
Helen: Laura Lonsdale
Joyce: Thea Jo Wolfe
George: Mick Liversidge
Peggy: Rosie Stancliffe
Andie: Steve McNichol
Eric: Luke Maddison
Norman: Louis Roberts