Miss Crispy 1988
(The Anniversary Edition)

by David Tuffnell


Miss Crispy 1988 By David Tuffnell

Directed by Laura Lonsdale

Produced by less is MORE productions

Supported by Middlesbrough Theatre

Celebrating 10 glorious years less is MORE productions are proud to be snacking on those tasty crisps once again.
Casting day – July 3rd – 9am – 5pm – Individual casting’s in the AM and group castings in the PM. Please be available to stay all day.

You may be requested to submit a self tape and you are more than welcome to submit one. Castings will take place in Middlesbrough – venue to be confirmed.

Rehearsals – Taking place in Middlesbrough.

Week 1 – Tuesday 10th September – Friday 13th September – 10am – 5pm.
Week 2 – Tuesday 17th September – Friday 20th September – 10am – 5pm.
Tech rehearsals – Monday 23rd September – Tuesday 24th September – 10pm – 5pm.

Shows – Wednesday 25th September – Friday 27th September – Two shows on Friday 27th September – Middlesbrough Theatre.

CAST – (*Must all have or be able to do a Teesside Accent*)We are genuinely interested in seeing real women of all shapes, sizes, ages and looks. This delightful little ensemble piece needs to celebrate, real working class women from Teesside. If you feel you fit the character brief but not the age range, please apply.

Betty – Female - Playing age mid to late 50’s – the stalwart of the group, a union rep who knows all there is to know about working in a crisp factory. A friend to all, as well as a disciplinarian to the girls.

Denise – Female - Playing age late 20’s – to call her the bitch of the group would be too easy, Denise flits between aggressor and confidante, with a harsh history. Obsessed with pop culture.

Sarah – Female - Playing age late 20’s – a classically beautiful upper working class lady who studied hair and beauty but has arrived at the factory due to a strange twist of fate.

Pam – Female - Playing age late 30’s early 40’s – a North East Mrs Malprop, very easily confused and weak of bladder.
Anne – Female - Playing age early 20’s – a nervous, sometimes mousy girl who is heavily pregnant. A women desperately waiting to emerge from girls innocence.

Tom / Interviewer/Host – Male – multi role

Tom - Playing age early 20’s – Physically attractive, would be a player if he hadn’t been brought up so well. Boyfriend to Anne. Must be comfortable in wearing little clothes.

Interviewer/Host – Male 30 to 40 years old -The interviewer is only ever heard and the host should be reminiscent of a 1980’s DJ.
A flat fee of £785 will be paid – Tom / Interviewer / host - £685 – due to less scenes than the female cast.

Please send your CV and headshots to David and Laura –lessismoreproductions@live.co.uk