by David Tuffnell

part of Middlesbrough Community Pride

That Gay Play - written & directed by David Tuffnell

“Sorry, you were asking what I dreamed love would be like and how meeting the perfect someone would be, right? It’s not like that then….I mean it wasn’t like that…..”

Remember your first kiss? That person you fancied at college, the one that broke your heart? Or the one who helped you mend it once more?

In a series of interviews we find out answers to these questions and much more, asking Middlesbrough’s LGBT community what love means to them

Written By: David Tuffnell
Directed By: David Tuffnell
Produced By: less is MORE
Singer: Victoria Holtom
Pete / Jimmy: Stephen Jennings
Dennis: Steve McNichol
Richard: Luke O'Doherty
Steve / Johnny: Glen Fawcett
Sam: Claire Prest
Maggie: Doreen Frankland
Pianist: Steve McNichol
September 2013
Teesside University