The Shagaround - written by Maggie Neville

It’s a battle of the sexes where no man has gone before or ever hopes to be again!
It’s New Year’s Eve and the air is full of hope and expectation apart from the ladies toilets of the local dive where all is not well with Sal, Dilly, G, Lisa and Beth. Someone’s been dumped, someone’s been two-timed and with fifty pounds at stake someone is going to pay. Then in walks “The Shagaround”, the perfect target for all the girls and what starts as a laugh ends up being more dangerous than they could have imagined.
A play about love, betrayal, friendship, revenge, dying of a broken heart and dying for a fag!
As hinted in the title, there is some strong language in the play and some adult themes so let your naughty side out and come prepared to laugh at yourself and the often witless members of the opposite sex.

The Shagaround

Written by: Maggie Neville
Directed by: Ree Collins
Produced by: less is MORE

September 2013

Middlesbrough Theatre

Sal: Kelly Jackson
G: Jessica Brady
Dilly: Olivia Burton
Lisa: Emma Jane Richards
Beth: Laura Thompson
Matt: Shane Headlam
Woman: Laura Lonsdale
Woman: Olivia Brady

A fantasic play, so full of energy, and the performers did really well.
 It really made me remember my clubbing days and the things I used to see!
 And the set was fantastic too!
Sarah, Audience member