by Rod Wooden

A pulsating tragi-comic drama set in a run-down Newcastle housing estate, where Jean, divorced from the violent, foul-mouthed Micky, rules over a household that teeters on the edge of disaster every time her ex-husband bursts through the front door.
Premiered at Manchester Royal Exchange in 1991 and subsequently produced by other leading theatre companies both in the UK and abroad, it is an emotional roller-coaster of a play that continues to shock audiences and cause controversy wherever it is performed.
Please note the production contains very strong language and scenes you may find distressing.
Your Home In The West
Written By: Rod Wooden
Directed By: David Tuffnell
Produced By: less is MORE
Jeannie: Doreen Frankland
Jean: Laura Lonsdale
Micky: Pip Chamberlain
Sean: Jimmy Carter
Sharon: Jade Byrne
Maurice: John Kirkbride
Jill Maybank: Kelly Jackson
Middlesbrough Theatre: 
February 7th & 8th at 7.30pm,

February 8th at 2pm.

"I hadn't heard of this play, so didnt know what to expect.
What a great suprise to see this dark story, full of passion and humour brought to life by the amazing cast"
Yvette, audience member
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